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Different writer, different the inspiration

I’ve gathered many unpublished posts I wrote lately. Every post just seems to have different mood, and they just seem like a screamish 13 year old girl wrote them. Especially post about me seeing a cute guy in town who ended up speaking to me. Continue reading “Different writer, different the inspiration”


How to describe guilt. It’s a feeling. Emotion. Something that could be described as a black hole. Or maybe better as a big chunk of something in your throat that you can’t swallow? Disgust towards yourself?

Continue reading “Guilt”

My biggest fear – my heart’s desire

I just found myself eyes to eyes with the situation I didn’t EVER wanna face. My ex walking back into my life, ..while I’m having a boyfriend who I love — you can’t imagine how much. Continue reading “My biggest fear – my heart’s desire”

New career

Lately I’ve been developing love for rock music and MY BESTIE AND ME ARE ABOUT TO START PLAYING A GUITAR :D

We realized that we have completely different taste in music, Continue reading “New career”

“Where am I even going?” -Existential crisis

Life is boring. I said I would never be but I’m just getting more and more suicidal over time. Not to the point of thinking how to do it but just about why to do it. Continue reading ““Where am I even going?” -Existential crisis”

Privacy of the blog – endangered

Things have been a little bit rough lately. See, the problem is that my boyfriend reads my blog, and that’s a big part of what got him interested in me. He ran into my blog and found me as a really interesting person. I sort of did not mind because from the very beginning I’ve been telling him everything – and good, and the worst. Continue reading “Privacy of the blog – endangered”

Am I finding myself in this generation? (School essay)

Today everyone are painters, writers or any kind of artists and it is really hard to stand out from the rest. World is full of excellent painters, and even better singers and poets. Continue reading “Am I finding myself in this generation? (School essay)”

My boyfriend’s parents make me want to… aaaaGH!! Kaboom!

Let me tell you a little something about dating a teen guy, or more specifically; my boyfriend. About his parents; They are nice and polite people, but I just secretly really hate on them.

Continue reading “My boyfriend’s parents make me want to… aaaaGH!! Kaboom!”

Over and over

I don’t quite feel the need to write. It feels like everything that needs to be told is already out there. I don’t really feel unique, there’s just so many poets and writers that shared their thoughts to the world. Continue reading “Over and over”

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