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What is wrong with today’s educational system?

*Teacher: Read professor, tutor, teacher or any that suits you best.

There are many teachers with many different styles of teaching and many different ways of grading. There are worse, and there are better teachers.

Did you ever hear a teacher whine about how newer generation is so spoiled?

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Couldn’t wait for school to start

The school has just began and I am already so very tired of it. But to be honest, it was easily noticeable that the boredom had started taking over once the Summer holidays had begun. I started missing the school.

But, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t miss the studying and all the stress, Continue reading “Couldn’t wait for school to start”

6 stages of going crazy during finals

2 months until the end
“There’s plenty of time left, I can afford to slack a lil longer.”

1½ months till the end
“Gives some time into planning when will what be studied and calculating Continue reading “6 stages of going crazy during finals”

Chores gathered up

I’ve been busy.

I haven’t really played computer games since I started going out with this one guy, and its been pretty few months.
I like wasting my time in front of mind-numbing game as much as Continue reading “Chores gathered up”

Silly book review; Black cat

Short intro; I have a homework. A book report. Due tomorrow morning. Of a book that I first time heard of just today.

But that’s really not big of a deal because this is something that happens on daily basis. I put off everything for tomorrow, because why not?  
Full introduction here, but that’s not the main content. 
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Due tomorrow (small talk)

Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow!
BUT! What if you have a morning schedule? I don’t know how about you, but my way is to get up at 2/3 am and do the work at last possible second. Which is exactly what I am going to do right now.
Its.. what.. 9:30 pm ? Alarm at 2:45 am . Leaving for school at Continue reading “Due tomorrow (small talk)”

Daydreaming at school

*At the school, morning shift, boring the shit out of me and writing this*

A drawing of my class

This is where I’m sitting right now and not really focusing on what the teacher is saying.
Writing this because I just can’t be bothered focusing voices in the background, also can’t be annoyed scrolling through the pictures on the phone that I’d be risking of teacher catching me Continue reading “Daydreaming at school”

Final exams – Breakdown


I think that I could really use this winter break.
I became horrible at school. I’ve always had good grades and I always managed to keep them as high as they could go. And then that twist happened; I became lazy and just started thinking differently. Continue reading “Final exams – Breakdown”

School is not hard, it just takes time

It’s just another long day at school, lots of numbers just flying around… All the voices gathered into one, just making one annoying noise. I am tired and I really can’t focus. I wouldn’t mind sitting here for next few hours, but I wouldn’t do much more than sitting. Continue reading “School is not hard, it just takes time”

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