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Teenage girl’s mind convinced itself its a polar bear and it went on a long long winter nap, but now shall be the time when it will snap out of that hibernation state and gradually bring up all the colorful thoughts it has been dreaming of~

Faith in humanity

So you know this new generation of teenagers? How spoiled they are, taking everything for granted, never thinking about the things they’re doing… And most of teenagers are that way! Trust me! Continue reading “Faith in humanity”

Am I finding myself in this generation? (School essay)

Today everyone are painters, writers or any kind of artists and it is really hard to stand out from the rest. World is full of excellent painters, and even better singers and poets. Continue reading “Am I finding myself in this generation? (School essay)”

Over and over

I don’t quite feel the need to write. It feels like everything that needs to be told is already out there. I don’t really feel unique, there’s just so many poets and writers that shared their thoughts to the world. Continue reading “Over and over”

Friends across the world, traveling

I personally have plenty of “online” friends, and that isn’t even a bad thing. I can even say that I have more of closer friends all over the world than in the real life near me. I am really good with most them, met them in online games and through other friends. Few of them actually stayed in my life for Continue reading “Friends across the world, traveling”

Not much of a Summer person

They announced colder weather for this weekend and I was looking forward to it. Its been so hot for past few days, even going in public transport is a horror. Just imagine how your legs stick to the leather seat while wearing shorts or a dress. Or even better!—Imagine wearing a really nice thin summer pants, then standing up, and seeing a sweat stain on your butt. The sunny weather is so nice, isn’t it 🙂. Continue reading “Not much of a Summer person”

No new posts until summer is over. Taking a break; from school, from blog, from life ! Enjoy the sunny weather !

Summer project; Redecorating a room / Every idea is appreciated

At age 9 or so, I moved into my current room. Walls are pink. My mum has been telling me that when I get a bit older I would get sick of that color and that I shouldn’t choose pink – but I did.
And I am still loving it! Except for the fact that I want to change something. Anything! And so I will.

And here are some photos of my room before; Continue reading “Summer project; Redecorating a room / Every idea is appreciated”

I found the perfect tattoo

I am about to be 17 years old soon and I’ve been wanting  to get a tattoo since ever, I just wasn’t sure about what did I want. But now I know !

Somewhere I saw this tattoo of a cat, kitten or whatever it is, and I fell in love..  Continue reading “I found the perfect tattoo”

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