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Most passionate lovers

Busy with our own lives, trying to spend every second we can with each other yet ending up catching only a glimpse of all that we wish could have. Continue reading “Most passionate lovers”

My biggest fear – my heart’s desire

I just found myself eyes to eyes with the situation I didn’t EVER wanna face. My ex walking back into my life, ..while I’m having a boyfriend who I love — you can’t imagine how much. Continue reading “My biggest fear – my heart’s desire”

Dream about the ex boyfriend

So this was a dream, but it was almost as reality.

Short intro; I’m from Croatia, eastern Europe, little place. 17 years old soon. My parents are divorced, mum is living with her boyfriend, and I am living in our old house with mum visiting me every now and then. I deserved her trust, I’m a good kid and shes the best mother, not to get any twisted thoughts.

Background; It was week day,

Continue reading “Dream about the ex boyfriend”

Two choices, one decision

My feelings are playing with me. My dreams too. I don’t know whats the right thing to do while feelings are dragging me on two sides.

Dreams really aren’t helpful. They just showed me what I could’ve had if I chose the other Continue reading “Two choices, one decision”

Realistic dream with a tragic ending

I had a dream and there was this guy…

It was a long day, and I really felt the need to connect with this one person, something was dragging me to him yet I couldn’t see him and couldn’t reach for him. I was looking at different directions searching for a trace where he could be.. And all of sudden Continue reading “Realistic dream with a tragic ending”

Daydreaming at school

*At the school, morning shift, boring the shit out of me and writing this*

A drawing of my class

This is where I’m sitting right now and not really focusing on what the teacher is saying.
Writing this because I just can’t be bothered focusing voices in the background, also can’t be annoyed scrolling through the pictures on the phone that I’d be risking of teacher catching me Continue reading “Daydreaming at school”

Should I come out? Do I need to? I want to..

I dreamt the other day that I was in a hotel, lost key, blah blah, and then I met that one really nice girl that worked there. She was some 19 years old I’d say, and I am 16.
We shared few words and she helped me soon after to get into the room. I was rushing somewhere but I couldn’t not to notice how stunning she was, she also looked me into the eyes and smiled while we were talking, Continue reading “Should I come out? Do I need to? I want to..”

My long distance relationship

I am in Croatia, stuck here until I finish my high school, while my boyfriend is in London, finishing 12th grade (I am only 10th). I was searching for ways for us to be together more than once or twice a year, but not successfully.
My mother is a very understanding woman and she “approves” my boyfriend. She has met his parents over Skype, Continue reading “My long distance relationship”

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