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What has been going on in my life lately?

Why did I ever stop writing? I’ve always had this high feeling while letting the emotions overwhelm me, but I guess it became more of a chore I set to myself lately. Thats what made it not so enjoyable, rip.. Continue reading “What has been going on in my life lately?”

Happy, but never satisfied

It has been a while; Been on my winter holiday and spent it lazing around, school has started, everything back to same old meh, same old bleh.  Continue reading “Happy, but never satisfied”

6 hours until New year, still no plans.

Lets say I made plans, (I did.), but my mum canceled them. I tried my ways around her rules, there’s still one little trick I will try later but I doubt it will work..

So, we can say that by now I gave up on trying to get it my way and here I am, in bed in underwear, messy hair, and no wish for living.  Continue reading “6 hours until New year, still no plans.”

Horrible horrible day

My day has been SHIT. My almost every day is shit. School days especially. It was all going somewhat okay until I started getting ready for school. Continue reading “Horrible horrible day”

New career

Lately I’ve been developing love for rock music and MY BESTIE AND ME ARE ABOUT TO START PLAYING A GUITAR :D

We realized that we have completely different taste in music, Continue reading “New career”

Privacy of the blog – endangered

Things have been a little bit rough lately. See, the problem is that my boyfriend reads my blog, and that’s a big part of what got him interested in me. He ran into my blog and found me as a really interesting person. I sort of did not mind because from the very beginning I’ve been telling him everything – and good, and the worst. Continue reading “Privacy of the blog – endangered”

My boyfriend’s parents make me want to… aaaaGH!! Kaboom!

Let me tell you a little something about dating a teen guy, or more specifically; my boyfriend. About his parents; They are nice and polite people, but I just secretly really hate on them.

Continue reading “My boyfriend’s parents make me want to… aaaaGH!! Kaboom!”

Deadly holiday boredom

Been trying to update blog a little bit today, to add a logo, sort categories, fix grammar in older posts and such.. Ended up closing every page with unsaved changes, because I am really not in mood for messing with that. Continue reading “Deadly holiday boredom”

When you live your life “online”

And I have just realized that I have no friends. At least not around this place I live in.

It’s over 9 pm, a beautiful day, and I haven’t even stepped outside.

Now, what does that tell you? Continue reading “When you live your life “online””

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