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Dark corner

Depression, ED and similar things and thoughts that are hapening in my life

Comfort in darkness

Have you ever caught yourself wishing and dreaming of feeling down while your life is finally going somewhat smoothly? That really is a sign that you’re doomed, but I can’t possibly the only one feeling that way, right? Right. Continue reading “Comfort in darkness”

Happy, but never satisfied

It has been a while; Been on my winter holiday and spent it lazing around, school has started, everything back to same old meh, same old bleh.  Continue reading “Happy, but never satisfied”

Different writer, different the inspiration

I’ve gathered many unpublished posts I wrote lately. Every post just seems to have different mood, and they just seem like a screamish 13 year old girl wrote them. Especially post about me seeing a cute guy in town who ended up speaking to me. Continue reading “Different writer, different the inspiration”


How to describe guilt. It’s a feeling. Emotion. Something that could be described as a black hole. Or maybe better as a big chunk of something in your throat that you can’t swallow? Disgust towards yourself?

Continue reading “Guilt”

“Where am I even going?” -Existential crisis

Life is boring. I said I would never be but I’m just getting more and more suicidal over time. Not to the point of thinking how to do it but just about why to do it. Continue reading ““Where am I even going?” -Existential crisis”

ED speaking out of me; binge attack

Lemme just make a short intro;

So, I am either slowly gaining weight, starving myself to lose the gained weight, OR I’m actually maintaining my weight. Maintaining it by binge and purging, which is the worst. Continue reading “ED speaking out of me; binge attack”

A little bit of art, with a dash of anger. And pain. And stuff.

When I started drawing this I felt really emotional, Continue reading “A little bit of art, with a dash of anger. And pain. And stuff.”


Craving for the thin.

To be so tiny that you could shrink into the darkest corners.

Feeling so empty, free, pure,

Light on your feet. Light as a feather. Continue reading “Craving for the thin.”

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