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What is wrong with today’s educational system?

*Teacher: Read professor, tutor, teacher or any that suits you best.

There are many teachers with many different styles of teaching and many different ways of grading. There are worse, and there are better teachers.

Did you ever hear a teacher whine about how newer generation is so spoiled?

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What is so good about being an only child

There are many kinds of stereotypes around the world, and I actually will talk about one in this post. Because in my case, it’s 105% true and I am basically speaking about myself.

*I do know that this does not apply to every single one of you/em, and I wish for you to remember that while reading this.

I’ll start with basic characteristics of only child:

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6 Ways to lose weight during summer

I am here at home, just finished one episode of House M.D. and being really bored. Bored enough to think about what to eat. And then it hit me; Oh! Lets get entertained with blog, haven’t gone there in a while.

I will give more attention to the ways of how to avoid food, more than what to eat and how much of what to eat, Continue reading “6 Ways to lose weight during summer”

A little bit about a big city, London

London is a big crowded city with people that are minding their own business. People have their lives, and they don’t judge. Because there are just so many different people that there’s no point to judge. They live with it.

It is a beautiful thing to see so many different Continue reading “A little bit about a big city, London”

6 stages of going crazy during finals

2 months until the end
“There’s plenty of time left, I can afford to slack a lil longer.”

1½ months till the end
“Gives some time into planning when will what be studied and calculating Continue reading “6 stages of going crazy during finals”

Spring – It’s time to move your butt!

Move! Unless if you already have…
I don’t know what hit me, but, boy, I can’t sit in this lousy house and stare at the screen anymore. The weather is beautiful and I feel so full o Continue reading “Spring – It’s time to move your butt!”

Is life on your side or is it against you? Are you trying hard enough?

By just looking at a person you can’t know what is s/he like or what has she or he been through, so you shouldn’t judge. Yet, it’s sad how no one really seem to care..

In most cases emotional people go through life much harder than the ones who couldn’t care less.
-People who are hurt (physically or mentally) are much more likely to face a breakdown at some poin Continue reading “Is life on your side or is it against you? Are you trying hard enough?”

9 Reasons for being late

Do you know the feeling of constantly being late for something? School, work, always arriving last for group meetings or any other event? Maybe not being late every time, but most of times. Maybe not late for an hour/half an hour, but 5 to 10 minutes. Continue reading “9 Reasons for being late”

Friendships and relationships in 21st century

What are friendships today? What are relationships nowadays inside our youngest generation? From my eyes, nicely said, its all one big piece of poop.
Let me stand behind my words and describe it a bit better; I am not saying that there are no good quality friendships or true feelings, there are, but I will come to it later. Continue reading “Friendships and relationships in 21st century”

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