Outside just a regular teen, inside.. random person, we will see.

I’m from Europe, Croatia.. Name Kristina and I’m an only child.

There is lots of free time in my life and no matter how busy I am, there’s always those random deep thoughts I have flying in my head, and my goal here is to share them. And maybe to make a few new friends, get some feedback and maybe even do some good for someone else.

I’m still very young and probably not the most mature creature but that doesn’t mean that my opinion is worth nothing. We are learning while we are alive, no?

Reality can be scary, showing your real self and your real opinion to the world can be really difficult and a scary change, of course you will be worried of what will people say, so am I!
And that’s what made me think; “Sharing my opinion online is a good start.”

I am going to engineering school. Direction; architecture.

Having fun by being stupid with that few rare best friends. Surprising fact is that I have many more good friends online, who I can associate with (not really surprising because I’m mostly being a zombie hanging in front of the computer).

Since I’m in long distance relationship for about 2 years now, there’s gonna be those annoying teenage love stories, for sure.

Just trying to waste the time until the day when I could actually move on with my life and accomplish my goals comes. I am in a bad spot to do what I want right now. Like I’m being held back from what I truly am. For now.

You could take my blog as a book, place to kill boredom or to get bored even more, all up to you~
More about all in posts.



Not to leave out my best friend~