The owner of this blog is a female person from Europe/Croatia who is also an only child.

While reading the published arts of my mind here are few facts to have in mind in order to make reading more logical and fulfilled;

-My name is Kristina

-Born in 1999

-Only child (aka; has everything ever wished for)

-Owns a cat who is also a family member, meow.

-Gamer (aka; loner, person who barely gets out of the house and has all the best friends somewhere around the world)

-Occasional episodes of ED, self induced depression and hate towards the way the world works

-Relationships and sexual orientation; I miss my ex. Attracted to girls. I cheated on my ex with a guy that now I am in a perfect long term happy relationship with. Attracted to girls, and the guy I am deeply in love with and probably am going to marry some day.

You can take my blog as an autobiography or more of a diary, place to kill boredom or to get bored even more. Or to stalk. All up to you~



My meow, and Edgar Allan Poe