*Teacher: Read professor, tutor, teacher or any that suits you best.

There are many teachers with many different styles of teaching and many different ways of grading. There are worse, and there are better teachers.

Did you ever hear a teacher whine about how newer generation is so spoiled?

How newer generation gets everything on the go, and doesn’t appreciate it? How them, teachers, in their time had to work harder for the grade and how everything was harder for them? And how lucky this generation is that the rules have changed, and how we have much lower standards to go by.

And they’re right! Let me explain myself here;
Most of teachers simply came to schools with no exact knowledge of how to deal with students and how to give grades. They simply don’t know how to teach! Of course, not talking all the teachers here, there are some good exceptions. So, as if teachers don’t teach well, they can’t really expect from a student to know it all and like the subject. Teachers are supposed to know how to teach a subject while actually making it interesting and actually teaching us something. If a teacher can’t do that, he can’t really expect from students to be motivated. If a student doesn’t want to study and doesn’t care about his grades – that is not up to teacher and that is a completely another story. Most teachers these days give us material that needs to be learned in such messy ways that students lose their heads while they figure out what to do with so much/so little information.

And don’t even make me start about teachers’ behavior! They argue with students! They actually argue with students! Students go over the line and often dare to talk back to the teacher, but God knows whats going on in tutor’s head that he goes arguing with that student for the rest of the school hour! Arguing with the kid instead of focusing on teaching. Then the teacher is angry for the rest of the hour and getting that anger out on students, INSTEAD OF SIMPLY KICKING THAT ONE RUDE KID OUT OF THE CLASS! Kids don’t know the punishment! Although, most students have gotten used to this kind of work and they are cheering for the teacher to waste the hour on arguing in order for us to learn less, we have gotten used to this. But it is not our, students’ fault, it is all about the teachers and their lack of authority. And it is the worst when they punish the innocent ones! And the sad fact is that there will always be the innocent ones, teachers believed it or not.

If teachers want to be respected they should treat their students with respect, too.

There are few professors that made clear what is allowed on their class and what is not. They have all the control, and they teach well what they are supposed to.

There are few professors that lately pissed me off with their irracional behavior, and they really are the main reason of me starting to write such a critical review on teachers from this generation. At least some inspiration came out of them, ha? :)

But I guess that one good thing in a bad situation like this is the fact that it is really easy to stand out from the rest of the class by putting just a bit of effort in things. Newer generation of students has lack of respect for the authority, so if you have this little click in your head to know how to suck up – you’re a success. Now when I summed up all this so nicely, there’s this massive rock of a thought on my mind; This society is so very wrong…

Situation of this kind is probably familiar to everyone, but thankfully people are realizing that there is something very wrong going on and the whole situation with education is slowly being fixed. This now only tells a story about the authority, what about the fact that some professors still have their own, unique and wrong style of grading? Maybe a story for another time.