So you know this new generation of teenagers? How spoiled they are, taking everything for granted, never thinking about the things they’re doing… And most of teenagers are that way! Trust me! I’m a 17 year old girl and I don’t think I know anyone more spoiled than myself. And a person would logically come to a conclusion that today’s kids are not to trust. But of course there are always some exceptions.

So you know how it’s hard to find someone similar to you, someone to share thoughts with? A best friend? Specially if you’re a picky antisocial person who hardly likes anyone..

If you don’t quite like people, you should understand what I’m saying here.

Know how I mentioned those “exceptions”? There is this one girl which randomly stumbled upon my life and showered me in advices, support and kindness. Of course I returned the “favor”, I wont be mean or ignorant to someone doing something good. But, why? Whats so good about me that you’re giving me all that attention? Why are you so good?

You see.. I don’t know what is it, but I somehow feel bad when someone does something for me, even though it was the smallest thing. I feel as if I owe you. I need to return the favor in order not to feel guilt. Even if it was bestie getting me a gift for a holiday for which we said no gifts, even if it was only a little chocolate! I don’t like people and all their customs, in fact, I’m afraid of people. They are so heartless, harsh and evil.. Teens the most.  And I tend to keep distance from them in order to reject all that rough surface they have, since I don’t quite have that shield around me.. And what I can see from all the social networks is that kids are not kids anymore, they’re turning into immature creatures with no personal opinion nor the healthy state of mind.

But there is this girl that got closer to me and showed me that not everyone are that way. Simply the way you first speak to someone you see if the person has nice manners. She is well raised, and that is first that brought me joy about her. The way she spoke to me with words full of kindness and support, I would assume that life has put her through the worst things and she said “Fuck off” and walked out of it with all the wisdom she could get. That is sad, that people mostly have to go through something bad in order to learn or appreciate the trouble of another and the goods that life gives us.

She sounds wise and smart. On first look I’d say shes at least 20 years old. I mean, someone with such wise words and such touching advices must be wiser than myself in order to get to me. Since I myself am a messy teen, only someone who has gone through similar situations and got some experience could understand me and my drama. But wow, no, she wasn’t 20. Not 25. Not even 65. That smart kind woman is actually a 14 years old. When I found out that fact, I didn’t know would I rather want to hug her, be worried, shocked or amazed . I for sure admire her maturity. She is a person that should lead the future, and it is sad that there is not a lot of people like her. She is normal, but normal as in “on the ground”. Kids her age only act mature, but she is really not acting, and she is really anything but kid.


Thank you for giving me hope in people.

All credits for header pic to an excellect artist, Barbara Pandurić.