Busy with our own lives, trying to spend every second we can with each other yet ending up catching only a glimpse of all that we wish could have.

Middle of the week, busy day has exhausted us both. But he, regardless of all that, comes by in the evening to share a piece of his day with me.

I am taking a little while letting go of what I was doing at the time, and going to the bathroom to change into something more casual. While whole that time not taking my eyes off of him. He is the most attractive man I’ve desired. Imagine a person of your dreams, standing there leaned on a wall looking at you with beautiful shiny eyes, smileing, and saying how beautiful you are. I look back at him with half smile, no words, silence, and a hug. He is a full head taller than me, and being in his hug feels invincible and so safe.

A full hour of most gentle touches, the most passionate kisses, bites, sighs and deep breaths. After that whole hour of voiceless experience, except for few most calming whispers, we finally lost our shirts. Thats when the touches became even more powerful, his burning hot skin versus my cold arms is the feeling I will always seek for. Skin to skin feeling of a person you desire the most, a person whose scent is the most attractive obsession, my nails feeling his backs as he is kissing my neck.

The next moment lying down leaned on his chest, feeling his hands, skin, bones and relaxed muscles with tips of your fingers…

The pants are down too, in the dark, with only the light of a computer screen in the background, with some relaxing music playing.

And after one of the most passionate experiences I’ve had, he has to leave. He is packing up with me sitting in the corner slowly getting ready, too, looking at him and thinking how calm the moment was. And he gets ready to leave, followed by whispers, light kisses and shine in both of our eyes.

We separated almost in silence, no good byes. Separated with a smile, with a last sentance being said: “I love you, too.”

On the bed. In the dark. Looking at nothingness fulfilled by deep lyrics of a music from background, enjoying the moment.

For almost 10 months together now, I’ve never been happier. But I know that we could have much more than this. One day. Soon hopefully.

He loves me, too.