Lately I’ve been developing love for rock music and MY BESTIE AND ME ARE ABOUT TO START PLAYING A GUITAR :D

We realized that we have completely different taste in music, but we will work it out somehow. I will suffer from her music, and her ears are going to explode from mine. Seems to me like a fair trade, huehue.

But let me tell you something, I don’t know a shit about making music. I don’t know a shit about how to play a guitar. So I’m really starting from the bottom hoping that I found something that I will stick to. I gathered my own cash over a long long time and I’m sure that I wanna spend some of it on this, so yay for that. But my mum is somehow against it? I don’t quite know why but I’ll do it anyway. She is a cash freak and I sort of picked up that gene from her, but I am SURE that I want this. I’ll buy some already used guitar since it will be much cheaper, so if I actually get good with it and if decide to take a step further then I will buy the actual good electric guitar.

My friend has an acoustic guitar and I am going to get electric one. Here is how I imagine it; she can play soft and easy tones with the light music, while I will wait for my moment and jump out with a damn good guitar solo screaming some random bullsh*t probably noone ever understands hahahha.

We will get instructor for a month or two just until we learn the basics, and after that internet will teach us everything else that we need.

I can’t wait for the first lesson to begin.

Future Rockstar ~