Today everyone are painters, writers or any kind of artists and it is really hard to stand out from the rest. World is full of excellent painters, and even better singers and poets.

My wish is to be a writer. I write for fun and entertainment. I am trying to express my thoughts and feelings about today’s world. I’m finding pleasure writing while losing myself in thoughts and words. The problem is that today there are plenty of bloggers and usually people who wish to share their opinions, and it simply seems to me that my opinions can’t get through in today’s world full of artists. The more I write, the better I notice that all the subjects have been discussed already.  Whatever I thought or felt, somebody else already spoke about it. Somebody took my word and now I don’t have other choice than to repeat other people’s words. I believe that my inspiration for expressing myself is wasted, and I believe that I would be more appreciated as a person and as a writer in some past time. Renaissance motives are closest to my mindset and subjective writing is what I’m best at. Today’s people are active, loud, enthusiastic and very communicative. I am in the other hand shy, emotional person and I believe that I have different ideals and goals in comparison to others’. In renaissance I would probably be an experienced writer. If I was born in my parents’ time I would probably be much much happier person – with no internet nor technology that rules people’s lives. With time I would change place, too.

I don’t want to “pop up” just for fame, I want people to remember me for my intellect.

People today are trying too hard to be different that at the end we all end up the same.

Boom. That’s it. I like the fact how I find it really easy to write something down at school when we have to do big essays or such. I always choose the content that I wrote about earlier in my blog posts because we only have less than 2 hours to write the content and then nicely rewrite it, so I sort of steal my own content. If you read my blog sometimes you might have caught some phrases that I used in my previous posts. It was just SO hard to translate that into my own language, what I noticed is that I know English grammar far far better than my own. Something that I should be ashamed of? .. But what I said up there is actually truth, I do feel sort of “left out”. And I am for sure not the only one who thinks that way! I see here on WordPress plenty of good writers full of ideas, and just because there are plenty of us its hard to stand up from the crowd. And then in the other hand, today’s generation does not appreciate the passion for the intellect as much as fame itself. Which is sad. Now I’m saying that there are way too many artists, but in the other hand too many people who don’t care about it. I don’t find this world logical. In this time we’re stuck. We’re slooowly slowly moving forward, eventually it will get better, but I would just about give anything to move either back either forward. We’re stuck.