Let me tell you a little something about dating a teen guy, or more specifically; my boyfriend. About his parents; They are nice and polite people, but I just secretly really hate on them.

We’ve been together for few months now, since February, hes all sexy and funny and caring and blah blah all the good things you can think of. Hes the best. That’s sometimes driving me crazy because I simply feel like a bitchy monster compared to him BUT that’s not what I wanted to whine about here!

You see, the deal is that only thing I don’t like about him, or what I hate about him, is his parents. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I disrespect ’em.. But I do. Their infinite punishments make me want to banish them from the face of the earth and steal him for myself.

It probably is selfish from me to think like that about them because I am the one with the lack of boundaries, I’m allowed to do basically whatever I want to. But I deserved it! With working hard in school, being a good calm kid, never being a trouble to my family. My mum now trusts me with stuff and she is free to leave me home alone without worrying will I be all right or will I make any trouble. I earned that trust ! Back to the point; HE IS 17! He has privileges of a 9 year old !! 

Okay, it’s sort of reasonable that he is allowed to stay outside only until 11 pm.. sort of. BUT THAT’S ONLY WEEKEND! And not even Sunday, because in Monday he has school! Its silly, all the rules :) And! Week days he is not even allowed to go out ! Good thing is that we go to same school and we see each other at breaks, but that barely does anything. Maybe a kiss here and there, hug and continue to the class. It’s not like we can be any private at school, so that’s just not it. His mum’s reason is that he has to study. Well why do you push him to study, woman!? He has his own mind and conscious, if he has a test or homework he will start working on it on his own! I hate parents like those, who push kid to study like 24/7. Why? Let him develop his own conscious. Luckily I have a mum that calls me a nerd when it comes to my school and grades.
And then, IF, if he is allowed to go out and see me during school days he can stay only until 9 pm.
Imagine this; Finally Saturday, couldn’t wait to spend a whole damn day with him just lying on the bed like dead rats hugging and enjoying each other. Oh! He is not allowed to come over until 4-5 pm if he wants to stay late. Oh! If I want him in the morning he will have to leave in the afternoon, because that’s just too much time for us to be together!

And also whats the point… He can Skype call and play games online with me for few hours until late in evening but he may not come over? Where’s the logic?

Oh and don’t make me even start about sleepovers xD He was allowed to stay and sleepover for my birthday but he left like first before anyone else woke up. He left at 9 am. He also came last the previous day, at around 8 pm, even after we were planning weeks before how he will stay for 2 days at me to help me organize everything and so we spend time together. IT WAS SUMMER ! During the whole damn summer he was allowed to stay only until 11 pm. And when he was late 10-20 mins, 30 at most!, he had to be home at 9 pm the next time. It was freaking Summer!

Hes almost a grown up man now, and I mean it, he is not a spoiled baby who can’t think of whats the right thing to go. He’s smart. He should be allowed to live the fucking life a bit more.

The thing here is that he is not the one in prison, I am. I am not willing to settle down with spending few nice hours together weekly. I want him on daily basis ! Some private time! That’s all I ask! My fucking boyfriend!

And I am constantly bitching about this on and on and on. And I don’t think that anything will ever change. The promises were “When Easter holiday comes I’ll come to sleep over”, and I said okay. I waited. It didn’t happen. In Summer he will definitely be able to spend days with me! Na-a, I was wrong. We will go to sea together, my mum invited him, we will be together. He said he would go, when the time came he was not allowed to. My birthday!! I BARELY REMEMBER HE WAS THERE! Whats next? When he be 18+? When he moves out? When we get engaged? I’m slowly getting the idea that when we be having kids and grandchildren he still won’t be allowed to sleep over at my place xD

Long story short, same as with long distance relationship, I’m just once again putting my passion and love life on hold. I wish if he was 20, if he had more privileges.. But I ain’t gonna dump him for a dumb thing like that, hes way too perfect and I love him way too much. Eh if I was a witch and I could cast some spell on his parents.. Ah ^-^

But I’m not -_-

One pic of my beloved and me, really wanted to share this one to the world ^-^