I don’t quite feel the need to write. It feels like everything that needs to be told is already out there. I don’t really feel unique, there’s just so many poets and writers that shared their thoughts to the world. People who shared their opinions, their feelings which I can associate to.

Its easier to write about something that’s bugging you. Like there’s more to be told, there’s more descriptions, more “power”. More anger and pain to talk about. More to get out of yourself. It’s easier than to write about happiness and about the “excitement” of eating ice-cream today. You get my point?

I got the idea that there’s not much more to be told by listening to all the rock songs that really do have a meaning. Songs are popular and known, if people didn’t find them inspiring then who am I to make a change? I feel like whatever I’d wanna write is already out there. Which is true.

Listening to that deep kind of songs makes me think: “Yeah! I feel like that! That’s exactly how I would describe it!”, and then second thought would be something like: “I can write about how I feel and describe every emotion BUT whats the point when EVERYTHING HAS ALREADY-BEEN-TOLD !”

I can write. I will continue to write. But I feel like all that I’m doing is repeating after someone.

Didn’t you ever find yourself in that situation when you wish to start something new, do something not many would have courage to, be someone different and unique, to make a change! And then realized that you’re just another one in line trying to make a difference. Everything is already out there, why do people have to keep repeating?