I personally have plenty of “online” friends, and that isn’t even a bad thing. I can even say that I have more of closer friends all over the world than in the real life near me. I am really good with most them, met them in online games and through other friends. Few of them actually stayed in my life for few years by now, hoping that soon I will be able to travel and meet them.

I’ve been into games and voice chatting since I was 10, and now I’m 17. During that time I made friends all over the world in many different countries. I’ve even been to London and met a person I’ve known for a longer while, he came to visit me, too. People from around my country eventually did something around the city I live in, so they stopped by for a coffee, went to the movies and such.

But I’ve just started! I’ve met so many nice people over time and for years I couldn’t wait to travel and meet them, but I was too young. Unbelievably I stayed in contact with almost everyone. I gathered up some cash, my mum trusts me and allows me to travel because I’ve shown myself as a good kid, and she knows that travel is my biggest wish.

I’ve gathered cash. Not spending on material things, not wasting on infinite coffees nor snacks I really don’t need. The experience of traveling somewhere, airplane, new smells, views, new people! That’s what I worship.  And that’s what I’m gonna get ! And then I’ll post about it and stuck it in everyone’s nose!

“Why can’t I travel like that? -Why didn’t you show yourself responsible and save up the cash?!”

My goal traveling isn’t to see places as much as it is to meet the friends I know and to get to know them even better.

Weirdly, most of the “good” friends, the ones I’m closest with are age 20+, and mostly those are males. I’d say thats because I tend to hang out with more mature people than my own generation.  I don’t find many girls interested in games. You would probably get the assumption that having mostly male friends as a female is bitchy? But totally opposite! We simply get along, similar interests, view on life and so on.

So, top destinations;

  1. Netherlands: Two males from different cities, met both of them in the same game, years ago. And whats even better, they two together are besties. Addicted to beer.. But they are hilarious! Both still schooling, etc etc.. There is also one girl my age, a new friend.
  2. Egypt: There’s this one guy age 22, smartass. He is an engineer,which is similar profession to mine, still going to college. He wishes to leave his place as soon as he is able to. Sharing the love for new places. Did I mention that he is like a brother to me? So arrogant, yet so kind.
  3. Portugal:  A really close friend, known for a while, been through a lot together.. Long lost love? I don’t think that this is a destination anymore, but sure has been for a long long time. You know those people who have been there for you and you’ve been there for them.. And there were feelings.. But both of us have our own separate lives. Sad.
  4. Israel: My one and only online female bestie! I would visit her now if I was in possibility. Sadly she went in army and haven’t heard much of her in a year :( She was like a sister to me for few years tho. Still is. I miss her. 2 years older than me?
  5. Hungary, Budapest: This is simply a close friend that I’ve known for a while, and Budapest ain’t even that far away from me. He is 27. Not quite sure what topics do we have in common, but all I know, and all I’m sure about is that he is really kind and friendly person. I’ll hopefully meet him for a coffee when I be In Budapest with school expedition this December.

There are, of course, more destinations, but these are my tops.