The school has just began and I am already so very tired of it. But to be honest, it was easily noticeable that the boredom had started taking over once the Summer holidays had begun. I started missing the school.

But, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t miss the studying and all the stress, nor the preppy people in my class and around me. Nor the school itself. I maybe missed the way some teachers are, the ones that actually make a class interesting to be at. And I also love those classes where I am able to ignore the life around me for 110% and simply daydream.

I missed the going to the school part, the waking up early, the numbness in my body from waking up early.. And most of all; breathing in the fresh morning air on my way to the institution.

During the Summer I missed that chore, the thing that would get me up in the morning and actually make me do my hair and get out of the house. I was so bored in the Summer… Day and night were same, everything so monotonic. ~And near the school there is no such thing as deadly boredom, there are always some things to do. But school chores had sure taught me something important, and that is to appreciate the free time we earn. Free time is a worthy reward, but when we have just too much of it , it starts to lose its value.

I do wanna go to school. I want to go, learn, and get a degree. And get it over with.
Or not? I would continue schooling as long as I can, and I would try to be the best at it. To accomplish something near the school, too, hopefully.

I wanna use the time I got wisely. I want to get most out of it. When I turn 30 I want to be able to look at my past and say “I’ve had my time, seen the world, added up to the world, and now is time for me to chill.”

You should set yourself some goals, think about what you want from your life :)