They announced colder weather for this weekend and I was looking forward to it. Its been so hot for past few days, even going in public transport is a horror. Just imagine how your legs stick to the leather seat while wearing shorts or a dress. Or even better!—Imagine wearing a really nice thin summer pants, then standing up, and seeing a sweat stain on your butt. The sunny weather is so nice, isn’t it 🙂.

So as they announced a bit fresher weather, I took a shower, got dressed and got ready to go out with someone now when you could actually breathe outside. I got ready, tried about 6 different outfits, and ended up wearing long jeans, long male-ish shirt and some random shoes.

And then I got outside.

And then I died of heatstroke.

And in first sentance, by “They”, what I meant was that my mum told me it might be colder these days, to wear something warmer.

considering that AC at my place is constantly working, it is always cold, and I am always dressing warm. So today I pretty much dressed like its a bit warmer November day. Its middle of the summer, people are wearing shorts, and I am just here sitting in the public transport, sweating, and being late as usual.

To hell this sunny weather ! Give me Autumn.