Been trying to update blog a little bit today, to add a logo, sort categories, fix grammar in older posts and such.. Ended up closing every page with unsaved changes, because I am really not in mood for messing with that.

Its a bit too dark, then a little bit to happy, then header image doesn’t match the font and color of a site title.. Then the logo wont get rid of it’s background and can’t make it transparent. Can’t be annoyed.

I can’t be annoyed to play an online game that I’ve been playing for over 5 years. — Maybe another game? Sure, been playing League of Legends the whole morning and the whole summer. Just can’t be annoyed with it at the moment.

It’s 4 pm, I woke up at 11. Its not time to sleep yet, its not time to eat.

Outside is cold, maybe some 15°C . Doors and windows are open and there’s this yellowish atmosphere from the light, and some not too loud music on computer. And I am making circles around the house from room to room every now and then, because maybe something interesting could randomly appear and give me idea of what to do. Yea, right, I know..

To watch a movie? Meh. Too lazy and annoyed to sit and stare at the screen. I really don’t have any logic to say that, but really, meh.

Some series I like? Sure.
House M.D.  is an interesting show, so far I’m at 6th season. But I somehow just don’t feel like seeing his face anymore after so many episodes…
Simpsons? I tend to eat a lot while watching comedy series, so neeh.
Pretty Little Liars? Good idea!! New episode came out 2 days ago. But that is going to entertain me for only 45 minutes.

But I am actually happy now that I took some time to write this post, gave myself an entertainment for some time.

This summer really bores the crap out of me…