There are many kinds of stereotypes around the world, and I actually will talk about one in this post. Because in my case, it’s 105% true and I am basically speaking about myself.

*I do know that this does not apply to every single one of you/em, and I wish for you to remember that while reading this.

I’ll start with basic characteristics of only child:

They are spoiled, egoistic, don’t know how to share, lonely and not very social.  -The description sounds very rough, but if you focus each of these characteristics, they actually make sense. And they don’t necessarily mean a bad thing. For example, I am not as much as spoiled as much as I know how to get what I want and what will it take me. The connection with parent is real. ~Egoistic, of course, I even have blog. ~I can share.. But if I don’t have to, I wouldn’t. ~Lonely and antisocial? I believe that the better description is that I just prefer to spend some alone time with myself. And whats so bad with that? We ain’t other species.

Having a brother or sister, or more of them also has its better and worse qualities. You can’t say that you haven’t met a person who always likes to have it by his own way, yet that he has a sibling. That’s why its only a stereotype.

So, few facts about people with no siblings:

  • An only child is equally intelligent as person with brothers and sisters, and they both well adapt in new circles, but it not a secret that solo(s) do communicate with new people much better than the ones with siblings.
  • They are often happier because they have no brothers and sisters which would bother them and because they don’t have to work as hard to get the parent’s love, attention or so. That’s why they often have more confidence and they are happier with their lives.
  • They are usually the creative ones, and that comes from the fact that they spend a lot of time alone. Which leads to fact that most of us are more of a cat person. It is a similarity with cats, isn’t it ?
  • In difference from the people with siblings, an only children are more likely to choose their path in life and are not afraid to follow it. They are not a clone of other person and they don’t have the habit of blindly following others. They don’t look at life as competition, which is an often case in people with siblings.
  • Are not afraid of loneliness and love spending alone time with themselves.

And since they(..we) do not have any siblings, there are quite few things that are not really for sharing with either friends or parents, and we dig it somewhere deep inside ourselves and sometimes it starts to eat up a person. I believe that there are more cases of depression in only children than that there is in people with siblings. But we deal with it ! We know how to deal with things.

So it is normal that only children sometimes seem rude because they’re fighting for what they want and are not letting others to go over them. But being rude or not, antisocial or friendly, it is better described as nature of each person than a stereotype. Every person has its own character. They build it depending on what opportunities they have.

I had a phase when I wanted a sibling, badly, but it passed me. And I realized, I love being an only child. I love my privileges.

So don’t wish for what you don’t have. Rather take a look at what you have and take the best out of it. Siblings? Also have their privileges. Great ones, too.