I am here at home, just finished one episode of House M.D. and being really bored. Bored enough to think about what to eat. And then it hit me; Oh! Lets get entertained with blog, haven’t gone there in a while.

I will give more attention to the ways of how to avoid food, more than what to eat and how much of what to eat, what not to eat and blah blah. Because, I assume that you already know what is considered healthy so I will just leave out that part for now.

This will be a subject that I am actually very excited to write about, because I am myself struggling with the boredom and problem of constant thoughts about what and when to eat / how not to eat. So this should be helpful for myself, too.

And, here we go;

  1. Leave the cash at home ! What do you even need money for when going out? Bring some water with you and you shall be okay. Unless if you’re going out for a coffee or a drink with friends, movies or something else, then bring amount of cash that you think you will need. If you bring more than necessary, you are most likely going to spend it for a snack. Also a good way to save some money. Works for me.
  2. Be outside as much as you can, or don’t AC your home too much. Because, who really feels hungry when you’re about to have a heatstroke ? All you shall think about is water, water, water, water, and guess what – more water. Water will fill you up. True, you will pee more often, but that’s okay.
  3. Throw out all the binge-triggering foods. Clear the fridge. This would work the best if you’re living alone, if not.. I guess you could skip this one. Bread is first thing on the list you should avoid. DON’T BUY JUICES ! Honestly, stuff your fridge with stuff you wouldn’t usually eat. I just recently cleared my fridge and found myself with few cans of tuna fish, apples, pickles, ketchup and jam. But I can’t really use jam without bread so whats the matter. Make a safe food pyramid organized by shelves.
  4. Dieting phone app. Some sort of calorie counter, how many steps you make per day, water intake, workout challenges, anything. Everyone have smartphones now, why not use them wise. Use the app to keep you informed and to keep you inside the boundaries you set yourself. I personally love Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary the most because it has awesome features; It gives you choice to enter your goal weight and the date you want it to be achieved, so it calculates itself the calorie limit. Plenty more features. Plenty more apps.
  5. Change the haircut ! And it better be a dramatic change ! By changing the haircut, you’re changing the whole image of yourself. And usually it is a motivation for losing weight, too. And here’s one a bit dumb but successful advice; I’d go for haircut that I knew it would fit me if I was thinner.. Now, not really. But if I was thinner, I’d nail it ! So if it doesn’t fit me the best now, I would have a motivation and a reason to lose weight quicker.
  6. Equal tablets – 0 Calorie sweetener. Coffee or tea for good morning to fill you up until lunch. Equals instead of sugar, same taste. It’s not even expensive. I am 17 years old right now and my mum has been putting those even in puddings, so lets not talk about how healthy they are. I am basically living on those, and I am doing just fine. ^^

Lets just make one thing clear. If you really want to lose weight, you will find a way, you will find your motivation. If you don’t, then you might as well just continue nagging and finding excuses.

Now, I would add more stuff like;

  • Skip the breakfast
  • Skip the dinner
  • Stuff yourself with water
  • Go sleep at your hunger point
  • Search for disgusting thinspo when you can’t stop thinking about food
  • Google fat people and don’t eat because you don’t want to look like them
  • DON’T cut yourself because that really doesn’t do anything
  • Think about disgusting food like oil, butter itself, french fries soaked in fat etc etc

But, I didn’t want to talk about those a lot because those are just wrong and you shouldn’t give them much thought because all they can lead to is an Eating Disorder, misery and all the bad stuff you could think of. They DO work. But don’t.

“Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all.” – I usually go for all or nothing, but see what works for yourself ^^


All in all, have the nicest day. And, GOOD LUCK !