At age 9 or so, I moved into my current room. Walls are pink. My mum has been telling me that when I get a bit older I would get sick of that color and that I shouldn’t choose pink – but I did.
And I am still loving it! Except for the fact that I want to change something. Anything! And so I will.

And here are some photos of my room before;

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I wrote some random stuff on walls, I would like to repaint that now. I still want my walls full of crap but I will rather take a huge A1 or A2 papers in color and then make posters on those.. It shall look good.

I want my room to have much darker atmosphere, so I decided to go for a darker walls color, and I chose purple;


Oh! And not to forget to mention that 3 walls are going to be in this color, and the wall with the window is going to be icy white ! There are going to be those darker, purple curtains, and if it was the purple wall behind it, everything would seem very.. Monotonic?


The room is still in process, should be done in a week or two if I proceed as planned.

I bought the purple silky see-through curtains, also bought some thick purple curtains that should give a real nice dark atmosphere;


Couldn’t really catch it at the best light.. Imagine it.. Colder !

And for the end, this is the furniture plan;


There’s just this one thing I missed and its eating me out right now.. Where to put the computer !!!

Right now computer is in the living room, and so am I, sleeping on the couch.

If I move the closet with the mirror, I could put the computer there, because that’s where it usually was. But where to put the mirror thingie then ? No clue..

Anywaaay, I am really looking forward to have this spooky atmosphere in the room. I am planning to spend much more time in it, and if I am not wrong, I will have much more inspiration once I sit on that bed and look around me.

As you can see, there will be two walls around my bed, and all that empty space on it. I am planning to hang my drawings there, or to make those big posters. I can paint, so why not? I can imagine something black, huge, yet nothing heavy – nothing that would bring my mood down.

I have a whole summer in front of me. I’ll be an artist ^^

Any suggestions are welcome,
-from the position of furniture, to ideas of what to draw/paint and hang on the wall.

Looking forward for feedback ^^