I am about to be 17 years old soon and I’ve been wanting  to get a tattoo since ever, I just wasn’t sure about what did I want. But now I know !

Somewhere I saw this tattoo of a cat, kitten or whatever it is, and I fell in love.. 

First of all; The kitten is adorable. Tattoo is small, simple and not too tacky. It has this little meaning and I don’t think that I would regret it. Ever.

I love cats. And I have this one cat who you can’t imagine how much I love, he is my roommate, bestie, and pretty much my fluffy pillow. (The one that goes on top of my head.)


And how does the tattoo describe me?

I love to cuddle. I enjoy light gentle touches. Imagine the touch of cat’s silky fur on your smooth skin.
Imagine the sound of cat’s purr, the passion. Mystery. The joy inside simple things.

The soft little touches.

I was thinking of that exact tattoo from header pic, just not on hand, but somewhere around collar bone.

Cats fascinate me, they are so.. Dark ?



And ! As I am only 17, mum has constantly been telling me “When you turn 18 !”.  But, as I am a wise little girl, I somehow managed to make her agree. She allowed me to get a tattoo! Before 18th!

To quote her; “You are annoying. But you succeeded! Just not until the summer weathers end because of the heat and all the sweating, so it doesn’t get infected.”