And I have just realized that I have no friends. At least not around this place I live in.

It’s over 9 pm, a beautiful day, and I haven’t even stepped outside.

Now, what does that tell you? That I am either a lazy person and prefer to stay home, or that there aren’t many people I could go out with?
– In my case, BOTH !

Took a shower, made my hair, did my make up, got dressed and sat in front of Facebook. Just about to text someone to go out for a walk or for a drink, then I caught myself infinitely scrolling. So many “friends” online, yet no one I could actually go out with. No one I actually know.

Well okay, not literally no one, but those rare ones who I DO know are not really available at the moment. Or not really close to the place I live in.

So what do I do? I turn on Skype, and I live in my perfect little “online” world, while actually being a bit disappointed with my real life.

I wish if I could finally move away from my real life and go for the perfect little world I wish for.

Well, one day.

Anyone out there feeling similar?