School year is coming to it’s end. I couldn’t bring my grades up to an A, and that makes me feel like such a disappointment.

Summer has started. No chores. And that makes me happy. I will finally have time to work on something I would want to. I can invest more time in this blog, I can give more focus and have more control about my diet.

When I return to school next year, everyone must be amazed. That way I will know that I’ve done something extraordinary. -Well, even if it really isn’t I like to believe that it is. I want to lose a lot of weight, after all. I am able to take  control over it, and I will.

Boy I’m excited about summer !

What are my goals for summer? What could be your summer goals?

And here’s some stuff I could think of;

  1. Lose weight. Lots of.
  2. Stuff myself with ice-cream once I reach the goal weight :3
  3. Paint my room.
  4. Improve my blog.
  5. Spend more time with boyfriend !
  6. Maybe to kiss a girl ?
  7. Lose the fear of sea grass.
  8. Get tanned.
  9. Get enough sleep for once in lifetime.
  10. Learn to ride a skateboard ( Which is sitting in my backyard )

Boy I wish to learn Arabic, and Bulgarian, and Polish, Russian.. Oh and I want to draw !

But watch out. By the end of the summer I will write about how I spent the whole summer either on pools, either laying on couch watching every single episode of House MD. And there’s many of ’em, trust me.

Well, good enough for me.

I want to take control over this summer. Atleast I will be able to tell if I am intreasted in going to Medical university.

Whatever, school break !