London is a big crowded city with people that are minding their own business. People have their lives, and they don’t judge. Because there are just so many different people that there’s no point to judge. They live with it.

It is a beautiful thing to see so many different people in one place.

I visited London more than once, not really as a tourist, but I went to visit one special person at the time.


I honestly miss being in London. I’ve done so much new stuff in there, because, after all, a new place reveals some new or hidden things about you.

First of all I walked around so much more and felt so many different smells, saw many different random things. Buildings and museums don’t fascinate me much. But rushing through crowded streets, trains, or markets – while being near that one special person, that was my favorite part.

However, since I am about to be an architect, I payed attention to the all those glassy and tall buildings that people live in. So many different shapes, so much inspiration. Knew I had to go there again just to catch another view of the city. It’s a big city, one tour is not enough.

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What I find funny is that I actually found a shop named “Dirty Dicks”, because come on, try not to find it silly.

“Rubbish” or “Litter” on every step, not sure at the moment which one, but seriously Britain, seriously, just say garbage. Please.

I laughed so hard in there because I am personally not a fan of British accent. At one point I went to the drug store, and trust me, if I understood 10% things that the guy said. If it was me on reception I’d probably say something like: “Please. Talk slower. Louder. And open your mouth. Thank you.”

Prices made me laugh too, or cry, not sure. Since I am from a poor little country named Croatia with not so many, yet all judgmental people, everything seems shockingly different. And I loved the change.

I would honestly love to go there again. I’d love to go anywhere. To travel. To leave this boring place I’m stuck in.

But I am seriously sick of this judgmental small society I live in, they would judge me if I wore a dress to school. And I really do wanna wear a dress to school. I wanna walk outside with pigtails, I wanna put on dark lipstick, I wanna try different styles, hair cuts, colors.. Yet anything that’s different than the “basic” will be judged.

Big cities. Different people. Different styles. No judgement.

In London, I felt like I fit in.