So… I was in the bed. 12:30 am. Just finished Skype call with an old friend. Ready to sleep. About to turn off the table light WHEN >BAM< , HUGE ASS SPIDER, RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE, WALKS IN FRONT OF MY PHONE TO THE EDGE OF BED SO FASTLY.

I screamed. Like someone was about to chop my head off while chasing me with an ax. I screamed once, and very loudly.

I stood up, jumped away from bed as far as my legs would let me. I stormed out of my room to living room with the speed of light, sat on my computer chair and lifted my legs up. That’s also my position right now.

Thoughts that are going through my head sound something like this;

  1. Grandparents are not home, they traveled away for a week.
  2. Can’t call my mum, why did she have to move to her boyfriend.
  3. Damn, its after midnight, I can’t call my uncle to kill the spider.
  5. It was huge. Huge legs. So many of ’em. Why was he so fast? He seemed orange.
  6. I’m not going back there. No. No freaking way.


So, right now I am in the living room on the computer. My phone is in my room, and I left the table light on. I guess I can survive one night without a phone? I need to sleep anyway. Yup. What about the light? I guess it can be on for one night, not a biggie.

I have the TV, I have one blanket, small pillows and a couch on which I’ve slept until a week ago. I guess I did clean my room, from the old stuff, but I didn’t really come to dusting part yet…

One thing I know: I will freeze under that blanket, but I am NOT going back to that room!

I’m a bit.. A lot paranoid. I guess I am stuck. I need to sleep. Wish me a good night. Or wish me to fall asleep at all, will be good enough.