2 months until the end
“There’s plenty of time left, I can afford to slack a lil longer.”

1½ months till the end
“Gives some time into planning when will what be studied and calculating the lowest effort that needs to be invested for the best possible grade.”

1 month left to go
“Finals have started, studying organized, passing well, some screw ups here and there.”

3 weeks to go
“Its going well, not really as much time as I thought there would be, having to invest more effort than planned.”

2 weeks till the end!
“Screw ups are gathering up, no time, should have started earlier, THINGS ARE SLIPPING OFF MY HANDS AND I CAN’T CATCH ‘EM ALL, still trying but going crazy.”

1 week to go
“Fuck this. Whats done its done. I give up. Wheres the remote?”

Point of the story; The closer the end of school year is coming, the less I care about the grades. Because, fuck the logic.