I’ve been busy.

I haven’t really played computer games since I started going out with this one guy, and its been pretty few months.
I like wasting my time in front of mind-numbing game as much as hanging around with this guy. But decision is easy, him.

And for some reason I don’t miss playing my game, at all? But I do miss my online friends.

You know those months at school when you’re just being there with your body and your mind is on Hawaii? Maybe some test or homework here and there, but chilled, chilled.

You know after those month or two of wasting your time when that week FULL of exams and projects come up? When you have more than one thing to do per each day, and you’re trying so hard. You are hardly managing to do everything in the last second, and you manage ! -OH YES! , I know the feeling.

But its like middle of the week, two more days to go. And I wish to give up. Dude, I’m tired. I’m lazy. I just want to.. not. Just -not.

“Oh. Yeah. I was sleeping since the beginning of the year.”

I wanna pass year with an A, but I am somewhere between A and B, more of a B. I seriously need to suck up into teacher’s asses now. Cant afford to slack. (..which I am doing right now, you have no idea what all I need to have done for today, -laughing but I should cry- )


That’s rare. Can’t afford to miss that.

Boy I love my life :’)