When I started drawing this I felt really emotional,

like I could hit somebody so hardly and destroy. I felt such power. That’s what lightning represents here, the huge amount of power that could destroy something in one hit, in one stroke. I felt so angry (doesn’t matter why). And in next moment I felt so vulnerable and weak, and afraid. Wanted to hide in the darkest corner and wait for everything to pass. So I could step out back in the world like nothing happened. I hid. In my little corner. And waited.
The darkness in the picture represents loneliness. Represents being cut out of the world and being alone with yourself and with your fears that came along.



And once the feelings eased up, darkness slowly faded into light. And I just felt silly about the picture I drew.

Nice things will come along in life. There are some bad moments, sure, and of course there are some good ones. Don’t be afraid to give in into your feelings sometimes. It’s nothing bad. It can’t be that bad.