Just another lazy, boring, non-productive day.

It’s over 9 pm by now, and I haven’t stepped outside today. I feel like I need a shower yet I can’t be annoyed. ..I definitely need a shower, lol.
I want to go outside just to sit somewhere in some dark corner, to look far into the dark night sky and breathe in the cold fresh air. Just randomly.

Maybe an earphone in one ear, and listening to night sounds in the other.. ( Well.. That’s mostly because my earphones are broken and I actually have only one earphone haha ).

To lean on something and daydream. To go in that productive, depressive state of mind. I really like to get alone with my thoughts and dive deep into them. Makes you wish for wonders, right?
Like if you could do anything you wished for. Specially if you could be somewhere doing something, or being with someone you know you usually wouldn’t be able to.
Dreaming of something you hope could happen, or feeling nostalgic about stuff that happened. Just to give yourself into that moment. For a moment.

I want to get a drink. I wanna feel numb, and for a moment ignore the reality.

But it would be just sad to drink alone.
Wonder why I never drink.

Coffee, tho, will never disappoint me. ^^