I.. I’ve just done something that I never thought I would. Something that I’ve always been against. Something that I judged badly. Yet I don’t regret doing it.

I watched anime for the first time. Boy!

So, umm.. Since I listen to Nightcore music there was this name “Tokyo Ghoul” spinning around over and over and after a while I noticed it might be a comic or an anime. And I googled it, because the image near the sign just looks over powered and amazing, and thought I should see what’s behind it.

So let me just say, that shit is sick. It’s sick. Not real. Dirty. Weird. Somehow dark. And I’m amazed. Lord, I’m amazed! And I’m fucking loving it!

I guess that now I have finally found the best entertainment there is for me to waste my precious time on. I watched just the first episode so far, and I am definitely going to watch one or two more by the time day ends.
It seems inviting, the feelings behind the scenes are dragging me in, making me want to live such a supernatural life, making me wish for different reality.

Mystery is what I am searching for. Fear. Yet strength. And this anime seems to have it


I am annoyed by that Japanese sound in background, but once I focus the story everything somehow melts in together and creates that “Give me more” feeling. I think I could get used to it.
I’m afraid of getting used to it because I was against it for so long…
But yet, it’s just few episodes of a different styled cartoon.