My first goal was to have a blog with some wise posts that actually have a meaning, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do until now, but I don’t seem to post much this way.

Therefore, I’m just going to turn to basic “blogging” and ranting about my day and random stuff going on. Feelings. 

As for example, right now I feel like shit and I wish to share my feelings SOMEWHERE. I really wish to speak to somebody and if I spoke to that one somebody it would be a disaster because, trust me, there would be some nasty stuff said that shouldn’t be.
I need some sort of emotional exhaust. Just like a boxer gathers up adrenaline before the performance, just the other way round.

Theerefooooreee, these few followers that I’ve gathered since I started blogging might not like the change that I’m about to perform, might like it even more.. No clue.

But I’ve always been black inside, It’s not like you haven’t noticed that by now. And I somehow feel most comfortable speaking about the “black”, I feel like it is the subject that’s closest to me. Feels comfortable. And that’s what it’s gonna be.

What I’m about to do is hopefully post much more than before, but god knows what it’s gonna be about. Probably not so interesting stuff for most of you, because who is really interested in other people’s lives? …Okay, I know most of people ARE, but I don’t see anything interesting about it. Like, it’s your life. I don’t need to know every detail of it. Why would you need to hear every detail of my boring life? Unless if you want to know yourself, I don’t mind telling you then.

I. Feel. Like. Shit. At the moment.
Love troubles. Mostly in my head.

But I sort of took it off of my mind for now by focusing on this post. But I’m pretty sure that the feeling is gonna be back soon.

I’t like 5:45 am right now, and I’m up since.. What was it.. 4 am?  Yeah..

I’ll be all right. Just not tonight.