Short intro; I have a homework. A book report. Due tomorrow morning. Of a book that I first time heard of just today.

But that’s really not big of a deal because this is something that happens on daily basis. I put off everything for tomorrow, because why not?  
Full introduction here, but that’s not the main content. 

Book review, of a book that I haven’t even read yet

Book review, that’s definitely not for school;
(when friends at school were speaking about how “funny” the plot is, also when I realized that it’s due tomorrow)

  1. Apparently, there’s a crazy man? And he chased a woman with an ax?  And he threw it at her?
    -Here I can imagine a woman running around in white, bloody, messy dress with an ax stuck in her head, a big open wound on her leg while he is walking behind her, slow like a zombie. Hilarious. I think that there’s something seriously wrong with me for finding that funny. Lol.
  2. There was also a black cat? 
    -Well, the book is called “Black cat”, obviously.
    He tried to kill the cat. But he tortured it first.
    -YOU, SON OF A FU*K, how dare you!!?  Cat! Fluffy, cuddly, silky cat! You monster! ..well, I could’ve assumed he was a monster knowing that he had murdered a person, BUT A CAT! Wow…
  3. He dug the cat’s eye out!
    Seriously? I’m.. I’m.. Speechless?
  4. He hung the cat to end it’s suffer?
    -But why would you torture it in the fiiiiiirrrst plaace!!? …Uh :(

Final opinion; I haven’t read book, I haven’t even read the notes about the book, I didn’t even read who is the writer and I’ve just heard of the book today. But what I’ve heard about the book… Laugh. All I can do is laugh. It seems like a horror, which is a big plus for me because I’m into horrors and into making them seem funny. But seriously? Torturing an animal? That’s my line. True, I’d yell on my cat sometimes that all neighbors could hear me, but I could never do anything to hurt my cat.. Hes also live creature with feelings. I really never slapped a human.

The book seems nice and worth of reading. But 99% chance that I’ll never read it.

Book author; Edgar Allan Poe

I JUST ACTUALLY OPENED THE BOOK AND IT HAS LIKE LESS THAN 20 PAGES ! And I’ve been freaking out so badly ! I’m actually laughing to myself right now. I’ll read it, sooner or later I’ll read it.

Time to sleep. If the coffee will let me, I hope it will.

                                                                                                                              11:33 pm