Move! Unless if you already have…
I don’t know what hit me, but, boy, I can’t sit in this lousy house and stare at the screen anymore. The weather is beautiful and I feel so full of life.

I just logged into my game on which I was spending hours and hours in front of, and all the random people from friend list started spamming the messages to join them in doing something, blah blah, game related stuff.
I sort of got pissed off inside, and I basically wrote message “Look outside the window! Now! It’s such a beautiful sunny day, what on earth are you still doing in here!?”  I copy-pasted it and spammed them back. And then I went off.
…to watch a movie or to take a nap, or to write a shitty post that barely no one cares about. Trust me when I say barely no one, because if you could see my site views stats, you would wish to cry and just give up on life, lol.

But! It’s spring and I’m sick of wasting my time in front of that game! I shall go on Facebook and see how many actual friends do I really have. Or friends that would join me outside, away from all the electronics for a while.
I just wish to get out and do something fun, like bike riding (after I take my bike and clean it from all the dust it gathered) or go rollerblading! I haven’t put those on since I was a kid! Okay, lies, I found them in the attic few days ago and I actually found someone with enough spirit to get on them with me, so we went and made it through few kilometers, success. 

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I just recently bought a skateboard. I wanted to be able to ride it since I was a kid, I remember dreaming of riding a skateboard, it’s silly. So I finally decided to spend some of my hardly saved money and do something crazy with it, but it was worth it. An old wish came true.

…Now only to get someone outside with me to teach me how to ride it, or at least to make me company so I don’t look like a last idiot on streets trying and failing alone, that would be great ^-^ !

So, Spring, here I come!
I can’t tell how long will I maintain this wave of motivation. Hopefully at least for a week. It’s a start! Bored souls, join me! Enjoy the nature a bit ;) Remember how it was before all the electronics. Little moments.

Warm spring air in the evenings. Ah.