For all of you in love; imagine your loved one for better experience.

I love you,
I miss you!
I wanna hold you.
I wanna kiss you.

I want to have you close.
I want to lean my head on you and close my eyes.
I want to be near you, and forget about the time.
I like the way you smell, and I wish to sniff you all the fucking time!

I want to hug you tight.
I want to kiss your cheek,
and I want to rub my nose over yours with a smile on our face.
And I want you to do the same to me.

You are my hope, my motivation, my lightest part of the day.
You are that one person that can make all the struggles go away just by being near.
You are that one person near who I am comfortable enough to be me.
You are that one that I could hate and at the same time love more than anything.

I just wish if we could spend all our free time together.
Because you’re that one, and I simply adore you.