By just looking at a person you can’t know what is s/he like or what has she or he been through, so you shouldn’t judge. Yet, it’s sad how no one really seem to care..

In most cases emotional people go through life much harder than the ones who couldn’t care less.
-People who are hurt (physically or mentally) are much more likely to face a breakdown at some point of their lives. It’s a fact. They are much more AWARE of the reality, other  peoples’ behaviors, emotions, and they tend to care more than others. The feeling of being isolated from the rest of the world is very likely to be there, too.

There are 3 possible positions you could recognize yourself at;

  1. People wrapping you around their finger.
    -They really are, and you’re letting them. And then you’re beating yourself up because of it. And it’s not your fault, but you should stand up for yourself!
  2. You standing up for yourself and going forward with >your< life.
    -It says for itself, you’re not letting others to go over you.
  3. You wrapping people around your finger.
    -And that is very wrong. And you know it. Why don’t you take a look around yourself and do a step back?

It’s your life. Walk forward confidently. Know your goal – and go for it; Not by crawling on the floor, not by walking over people, but just calmly going for your destination.

Each person is it’s own masterpiece and should be respected.