*At the school, morning shift, boring the shit out of me and writing this*

A drawing of my class

This is where I’m sitting right now and not really focusing on what the teacher is saying.
Writing this because I just can’t be bothered focusing voices in the background, also can’t be annoyed scrolling through the pictures on the phone that I’d be risking of teacher catching me with, but that ain’t that big of a risk.

Do you know that feeling when you’re just bored of doing whatever you’re doing, because it became just a boring life routine that you can’t avoid. Some days it’s okay, you’re in mood, and it is going to be just another okay day.
And then there are some days when you’re just… Meh…

I’m cold. I’ve ate a lot and I feel guilt. Lazy to focus. Lazy to be lazy at home. Lazy to live.
Some days are, simply, not…

I’m in love lately more than usually.
I wish to cuddle and snuggle and kiss and hug and sniff that one person I’m close with.
If I’m already going to feel like doing nothing, at least I wish to feel like that in the hug of the loved person.

Hug me! Warm me up! I’m needy. Love me! I’ll love you too.
Now just hug me and everything will be okay.

Oh, I’m still at school…