I dreamt the other day that I was in a hotel, lost key, blah blah, and then I met that one really nice girl that worked there. She was some 19 years old I’d say, and I am 16.
We shared few words and she helped me soon after to get into the room. I was rushing somewhere but I couldn’t not to notice how stunning she was, she also looked me into the eyes and smiled while we were talking, I soo fell for her.
As I was rushing, I thanked quickly and we shared a deep eye contact and a quick smile. I was planning to ask her out for coffee next time I’d see her. But dream did not last as long…

I am into girls. I’ve always been. But I never really did anything about it. Lately I’m giving much more focus to it and I’m noticing the attraction more often, not to mention the dreams.

I don’t even know what do I prefer. As long as she is not from my circles or my age it should be okay. Because I just somehow don’t take teens very serious, we never click, not even as friends. Even thought I am one of them.
I’m able to imagine her as the older one. Innocent one. I really don’t know, I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl and I really wish to experience that!
There have been few kisses here and there, mostly on “truth or dare”, or some caused by good old vodka ^^ But nothing serious, as much as I can remember.
There was that one experience with a girl I had when I was younger, more than just kisses, but it was just one and only. And I definitely liked it.

There is this girl I met online few years ago, she’s from Israel and she’s 18 years old right now. We’ve known each other for about 3-4 years now and we still are best friends.
I love her as a friend and I’d do anything for her, and it’s not a secret that I have a crush on her. (…HUGE crush on her >.> )
Not really going to do anything about it because she is 130% straight and she is really the best friend I’ve ever had.
I’m into guys too. I have a boyfriend and everything is going well, I love spending time with him, we care about each other and all that is going great. I wouldn’t cheat. But that huge crush on her ain’t-going-away!  The wish of having a female person close to me is also there.
But now, ever since those dreams started, I’m feeling such a need to finally make a move.
Also not just anyone, not a first available girl who I walk into. More something like a normal relationship, only if we both clicked. 

I guess I’ll just dream a little more for now :)