Hearing some easy music or feeling the light smell in the fresh air that takes you back in the time, while being alone in peace, light headed and mostly in late evening hours.. Doing something that makes you feel.. Nostalgic.

Dreaming. About the stuff that happened. About the stuff that you wish that happened. About the life you wish you had, or will have. About the moments.

Don’t you ever feel.. like life is passing too fast?
Don’t you ever stop for a second and try to pause the moment?
Don’t you ever wish to remember to enjoy those moments more often?
Yeh, me too…

Just yesterday I was there enjoying the moment, enjoying the place and company I was in, company I had.
And here I am today living my life full of chores, living my life without taking a deep breath, without taking in the moment. – Until I do.

And here I am.
Dreaming about the stuff that happened. About the stuff that I wish happened. About the life I wish I have. About the moments.