I am okay.
I am not sure if I am depressed, I mean, I am not sad. But I am not exactly happy either. I can laugh and joke and smile during the day, but sometimes when I’m alone at night I just forget how to feel.

Dealing with an eating disorder.
Either I will eat everything that comes under my hand inside 10 mins when I start to eat, either wont eat at all.
There was a vomiting period and I was happy that I found a solution. Until my throat started getting fucked up. So I had to ditch that. Now I still do those random binge meals and this is where I am. Yet I did so well in not eating part, why did I stop that? Oh ye, all the dizziness and weakness from not enough calories, add school to that and it’s a big fat No.
It’s not easy just to eat normal, to quit the habit of binge eating. You can quit cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling and not go near it.
But how to quit food? Because we need to eat. And food itself is a trigger to eat more food.

Boy… >.>