Do you know the feeling of constantly being late for something? School, work, always arriving last for group meetings or any other event? Maybe not being late every time, but most of times. Maybe not late for an hour/half an hour, but 5 to 10 minutes.

I’m still a person that is going to school, so I will put school as example. Teachers on beginning of each class write down students that are not attending the class. When you get written down few times, you get a warning, then another warning, then something worse, and at the end if you gather a lot of minuses you are able to get expelled from school. I did get written down few times but I did not reach the scary limit, just the first warning ^-^ .

First time I was late I was nervous and sort of scared, scared of getting written down.
After a while some teachers got used to my being late and they are not writing me down because they know that I will show up eventually. Luckily as first daily teachers I have those teachers that don’t mind me being late. Lucky schedule.
And now there is another story. When I’ve been late like 5 times that I wasn’t written down, I was happy and relieved. Now, after I’ve been late for over 50 times and I’m probably going to be late again, I don’t feel happy at all. I feel guilty. I would rather get written down than be late again. (But not like something is going to change..)
I feel like teachers will start to look down on me any moment.

Reasons for being late

  1. I ran out of house in last possible moment. 
  2. The traffic was really bad (aaand I left the house in the last moment)
  3. Honestly I couldn’t decide what to wear (wearing 1st combination out of 36)
  4. I did not even set the alarm
  6. I did not want to be the first person to arrive (so I decided to get myself busy with something, I got carried away,…and I left the house in the last possible moment)
  7. Couldn’t find the keys/phone/glasses/wallet/gloves/shoe(s)
  8. Closed eyes for “5” minutes
  9. Decided to be sick, but mum insisted in to going in the last minute 


A friend once told me something wise;

“Always on time in class. Being quiet and following the class. Knowing the subject and being active with finishing quests.” – If you take one of those out, everything should stay in balance.  If you take away two or all 3 things out, you’re going down!

In my case, boy I can’t make it on time. If I arrive on time, I would still walk in after the teacher. I tried to “fix” my problem, but I always leave the house in last possible moment, and sometimes even later!
I tried with waking up earlier to have more time to do things but that either ended up with me hitting the snooze button or me doing all possible chores before getting ready for school. You could see me running out of house with half wet hair, jacket in one hand and papers and phone in another, with my bag almost falling down my shoulder.
Rushing to make it on the last tram that would get me to school on time. The tram station is 2 minutes away from my house, and I hate it when I run to the tram and he leaves in front of my nose, or when I cross the street and I got 20 meters to the tram and he leaves. That is the 80% of cases that I am late.
I will either be on time and be a mess, either late and prepared. And the least helpful thing about me ditching that bad habit is knowing that I will get away with it.

But what when you don’t?