Now when the vacation is over, I can say bye to computer and sweets and hello to shower and bed. Come from school, crash in bed, wonder what am I gonna do next with my life and listen to music until I fall asleep. And so on.
As there was winter holiday and break from school, my boyfriend came to visit me from London and he stayed for about 2 weeks. Something that I’ve been waiting for since the school started.
And then, few days before school started it was time for him to go back home.
In those few days I saw a chance to catch up with everything going on in the game I am usually playing, and that’s how I did not leave the house for those 5 days until the famous Monday knocked on the door. In those few days I have reached my lowest. Sad part of the story is that those few days.. they are not so rare.

I am happy. I am grateful for life I have. But then there are those moments when I am not.