I think that I could really use this winter break.
I became horrible at school. I’ve always had good grades and I always managed to keep them as high as they could go. And then that twist happened; I became lazy and just started thinking differently. And I really couldn’t care less about school, my goal is to pass.
I know I need to have a good grade but I so don’t care. But I DO CARE! But I just can’t be bothered. The urge of feeling both; careless and caring. I’m not trying as hard as I did before, feeling way too lazy, and not in mood to get back on track! And all that together feels so miserable.
Finals. And a whole month before finals.  I’ve gotten an F from maths, i was fixing the grade and got an F again. F from history, Friday fixing the history F and also answering new lessons. Just wrote (a horrible) physics test.
All in all I woke up this morning, I was laying in my bed and did not want to get up because I knew how tough the day is going to be, I wish if I could lay in bed and carelessly sleep over the life. I really need this Christmas holiday, hopefully next year, I will get back on the track. RIP grades.

I’m studying less,
sleeping more,
and it’s working.
Fuck you Newton,
I discovered a new law;
The amount of sleep that you get
indicates how high your grades – or you – will be.