Back to the point where i started. Feeling like shit.

“I know you’re good with English so could you give me an advice of how to write this title for my blog. I’ll give you few examples and please pick the one u find the best; (examples) ”


….That surely hurts >.>

Okay, hes fucking right. Why would anyone make a blog, its just sharing your own problems or life stuff to the world while no one cares. No one seemed to care in real life, that’s why I stepped up and went online to people across the world. But why would they care?
Good to know that there’s still someone who I can lean on. I don’t know this person for long time but I easy get to like person.
Maybe it’s a bad quality, maybe it’s good one, but all in all I am happy to know that there are people who I trust and who trust me, makes it all feel worth it.
But seriously, what am I doing on this blog than seeking for attention?
I feel like crap at the moment x.x


Oh well, since I did not get a nice feedback from him, I hope I can get opinion of you guys;

I’d like to change the title of my blog, I got an idea but I don’t know how to put it correctly or that it looks the best.
So instead of ” Its hard to be yourself today “,
it would go ” 16 year old’s mind
or ” 16-year-old’s mind “,
or ” 16 years old’s mind “,
oorrrrr ” 16 year old girl’s mind
? I think I like the last one the most. Thank you in advance.