I’ll share few pictures of my cat, just randomly.

I think that he is adorable! And he’s so fluffy, and cuddly, and lazy, and annoying! God, he’s annoying! 
It’s male.. His name is Odi (Oddy) , which means come in Croatian language. It’s silly the way when I call him I say odi like 35 times .

Now I have him for over 2 years, and I think he is like 3 years old?
At first he was a little, shy, playful kitten and now… Now. Now he is lazy, very meowy, and very cuddly. Its good that hes not being a bitch, but it’s really annoying when he wants to cuddle all the time. Imagine you lay on couch to watch TV, and he lays on half of your face, or on your chest and tries to snuggle on your neck and you get all annoyed because he has that wet muzzle. And you can’t see a sh*# from him! That’s okay when you’re going to sleep and he purrs until you fall asleep.

Oh, and just the timing he has! Sleeps all day, and in the evening when I decide to sit on computer or go to sleep he meows to go out, 5 mins later he meows to get back in. He plays around a bit then meows to feed him. I feed him and then he doesn’t want to eat that but steals my food. When I give him he wont eat.
AND THEN! Haha, and then, when I get so annoyed I actually leave everything, lie down to cuddle him and be with him because I feel quilt for not paying him enough attention, he lies on top of me for 3 mins and calmly leaves at his spot and goes to sleep…. I be like; Really? All that for this!?Untitled

He is a clean house cat. Castrated. Vaccinated. No fleas.
Therefore I can allow him some stuff while there are no visitors. :)

12387895_1100873113270294_2139668224_n     12380380_1100873076603631_927632532_n

Oh, and when he just can’t get his position!! ( Lucky I don’t have laptop. )12366754_1100877723269833_746958839_n12388254_1100877756603163_2145452817_n12388105_1100877973269808_1600434887_n

Then some random places where he really shouldn’t be. But you just can’t do anything about it before you take a picture haha. (I wasn’t going to finish that milk anyway)

12366678_1100875733270032_465652304_n  12366513_1100881243269481_1790320949_n  12357966_1100872053270400_598670704_n


Do I have to mention small boxes?

He does go out, but there’s no way that I let him go on my bed before he washes his paws. A-A.

Well after all… I do love that son of a fuck.
There are times when he leaves and hes not home all day, but he does return. I don’t notice that hes not here, it’s not that I don’t miss him, but it’s that I DO NOTICE when there’s no one meowing and making me get up 3 times in 5 minutes or whenever I get comfy. No one to bother me.
But I still love him!