Hello~ , my name is Kristina, but I like to introduce myself as Kris. Age 16. I am not blogging for long, so I am still pretty new to all this. I made my blog about 2 months ago? Because I wanted to make a step in expressing myself, and possibly to find myself.
So far my blog has colorful subjects, cut-outs of my life and some personal thoughts.
Here is what I’ve done so far; https://beingrealisticblog.wordpress.com
So my goals are;
—To develop my blog (..since i dont know much about blogging)
—To find a subject that my blog is going to be based on ( Diary? But I’m not Kardashian! My sh*# ain’t interesting. So I always end up not publishing it because its not “wise” enough..)
—To share my blog, for it to be seen by more people

Any advises or suggestions? Every opinion is welcome.
/As in how long should posts be, what don’t you like to see when you are checking somebody’s blog, design, tags, grammar etc etc.

Every opinion is welcome ^^