Sooo… It’s Saturday, 7:30 am, I’d say “Good morning” but who knows what is the time at you while you’re reading this. I’m still going to school, but Saturdays and Sundays are break days, so I decided to visit my grandma on village this weekend. We don’t see each other very often, it’s November and only my second visit. Last time that I have been here was 3 months ago.
Well, okay, maybe I had something else in my mind when I made myself come here. There MIGHT be someone who I MIGHT like, but anyway that’s just empty dreaming because I already have a boyfriend ( Who I love, but hes being an ass who hasn’t read ANY of my blog posts.. I just wish he did. “Too busy gaming”, fuck off >.> )
Back to the subject, actually, no. I want to add.. I think that the reason why I started to blog in the first place is lack of attention. I am not receiving enough of attention from people I care most about. Is it wrong from me if I passively seek for attention? … I feel a bit down right now.. BUT I CAN’T REALLY FEEL A LOT BECAUSE MY GRANDPARENT’s SNORING IS DISTRACTING ME. For fucks sake they can make weird noises while they’re sleeping.
I’m just looking at them right now and all I can think of is “synchronized snoring”. Last night I went to sleep in around 11 pm, right before them (lucky that I need max 3 mins to fall asleep). Lucky, because if I went to sleep after them.. I wouldn’t be asleep. I’d think that they are choking in their own mucus. I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep easly near that. So here I am, awake near them sleeping, couch next to couch. Oh my god, their snoring! It’s not the snoring that pisses me off, it’s.. They don’t snork like piglets, BUT THEY SOUND LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO CHOKE ON THEIR OWN MUCUS! Which is highly disgusting.

Oh my god hahaha.. Aaawh gosh, I just remembered.. :’D that once when I slept with my grandma she woke me up with her snoring in middle of the night. I couldn’t fall asleep so I kicked her and said “Stop snoring!” , it was okay for first five seconds until she started again. Then I kicked her again and said “Would you stop snoring pleeeasssee” , then she turned around and I tried to sleep. I’d say about half of minute later I kicked her again and all of the sudden she shouted at me “What the hell do you want now!! I’m NOT snoring!!” , I sort of laughed and said “Ooowh I’m sorry, you stopped breathing so I thought you were dead” . We both laughed and then we somehow went back to sleep.

Some people told me that I snork sometimes when I am sleeping, nothing a lot but I am highly ashamed of it. And I know that as soon as I be on my own,I will research a bit about that “Anti-snoring” routine surgery. I really don’t know anything about it, but I do know that there is such thing. I really wouldn’t want for some random person to be waking me up saying “Could you stop snoring?” …I’m just gonna get up and make some coffee, or cocoa, I hope I wake them up with my hitting.
8:15 am ~