You must admit, it takes a lot of courage for someone to actually commit suicide. Suicide. Does it mean that the person is coward or is it act of courage? Think about it.

In this post I wont be telling you do it or don’t do it , I’m just going to share my opinion (No actions! Just innocent thoughts.) Although.. for your own safety, please think about something before you do it, whatever it was.
I wasn’t directly thinking of suicide as much as why do we live? Whats our use? We are just one in billions. We are so tiny in this huge universe and near all that information we have, we still know so little! And all the stars out there, so shiny, so huge.. yet so small and so useless.

If you ever feel stressed or sad, it’s wonderful just to stare up at the stars in the night sky and think about life. Try it sometime.

What can we do as individuals? Even grouped up, what can we do? Build a snowman? Buy a ticket for a tour around the moon? And what then? Are there going to be people alive in 1000 years? In 100 000 years? If yes, good. If no, what do i have to do with it? I’ll die eventually. If i accomplish something good in life and if i be happy and enjoy it, still, one out of billions!

There are people that care for you and that you care for, those moments make it worth of living. But then again when you see how many lives there are, and how long you live, you feel pretty worthless.

While sitting in the class i was thinking of meaning of life. Teachers are teaching what they know, they are passing their knowledge on us and we might pass it on someone too. Ok, we will have knowledge and be able to survive. BUT what after! Its just a life that’s gonna pass, and literally all we need to do is just waste our time.


At one point i was discussing with my boyfriend all the random things that were going on in my mind, saying out loud thing that just came up on my mind. I pretty much sounded like a curious kid. He was giggling at all that and said something as “Aww, my bunny is going through her existential crisis” , and i was really confused because i had no idea what is he trying to say. I googled it, and wow, the thing is real. #Existential crisis

The suicidal thought is not directly thinking of way how to kill yourself, but the thought of you not existing anymore, and how would things be if you were gone.