What are friendships today? What are relationships nowadays inside our youngest generation? From my eyes, nicely said, its all one big piece of poop.
Let me stand behind my words and describe it a bit better; I am not saying that there are no good quality friendships or true feelings, there are, but I will come to it later.

As I was saying, fake friendships – everywhere. Everyone knows that friends come and go, many of you have experienced it, so have I. Even tho that I am still very young and probably not as experienced as some of you are, doesn’t mean that I don’t see whats happening around me.

People are mean. Teens the most. And not just to each other, the saddest is that they even stand up against their own parents.
I am in a very good relationship with my mother , so I can’t tell is it the teens being mean to their parents or parents not understanding the kid. But all in all, relationships between people suck nowadays, people don’t know how to communicate! Repeating; not every, but most.

So, the reason why teens are mean to each other is probably because they aren’t very experienced yet. Or that they have no real picture of reality. Maybe they are standing too tough? Being mean to others, therefore bulling others and scaring them away, so they themselves never get hurt, or they never get to UNDERSTAND and see how does it feel to be on the other side, to be the bullied, hurt one.

If someone will discuss others with you, they will certainly discuss you with others.

Now we’re coming to fake friendships. My enemy’s enemy is my friend. And that’s how groups of untouchables are made. “They all are friends”, favor for favor, they are there for goods, but no real feelings included. Personal stuff stays personal, IF some secret is told, in the first argument the secret is blabbed out. I’m pointing here that when you are no longer good with someone, and if after that friendship mean things happen, it has been fake. Or one-sided friendship, which is even worse. That’s the kinds of friendships that come and go. And leave you stone-hearted.
Real friendships? Do you, be honest with yourself, do you trust anyone with your life? Trust someone and care about someone like hes your closest family? Now that would be a real friend. Of course, if the feelings are from the both sides.

I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I’ve wasted with the wrong people.

for the end.. I personally wouldn’t get in a relationship without knowing that I have some actual feelings for the guy. But its all about whats your definition of a relationship.

They went out once or twice, they kissed. They came home, went Facebook and changed their relationship status. In few days/weeks, at their first disagreement or they got bored of each other ..and they broke up. And so on.
I’m saying that because I do have friend(s) who change their relationship status more often than I remember to wash my bra.
For example; last New year I went out for a coffee with my old friend from elementary school, she said she is dating some guy like few years older than her, but apparently she really liked him and things seemed to be going on well. Okay, so I randomly see her in a public transport about a month later and casual conversation started. I asked her hows things going between her and that guy, and she pretty much responded with “Whoo?” , all in all she is dating someone else. And by today, probably someone 5th, if not even more.. And I personally find it sad.

You should be in relationship with a person you love, or at least that you’re in that “falling in love” stage. After you’ve been going out with someone for a while and you realize that the person is matching you, that you like him/her and that you wouldn’t mind spending more time with the person, then the kiss comes. And after that, with all the feelings you have for each other, then you should wonder “Is this a relationship now?” And so on, THAT’S what I’d call a relationship.

Internet, online world and Facebook made it easier to meet new people, BUT all the conversations, all the “passion” for love is going through the chat, they are having a nice relationship, virtually, but on real date they go blank. Few kisses in real life, maybe something more, few coffees here and there and that’s it. Passion over. Next!
NO! That’s not a relationship. That is being just another available bitch.

Near all I wrote in here, I’m wondering, “Am I stuck in the past century or am I just being realistic?”